TS-Intelligence: The Advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform from Telsy and TS-WAY  


In the ever-evolving digital age, cybersecurity has become a must-have priority for organizations of all sizes and industries.     

The increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks threaten sensitive data, reputation, and business operational stability.   

To face this growing threat, Telsy and TS-WAY present an advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence platform called TS-Intelligence, designed to deliver proactive and predictive cyber defense.  


Telsy and TS-WAY

Founded in 2010, TS-WAY develops technologies and services for medium and large organizations, with unique cyber threat intelligence expertise in the Italian landscape.  

Telsy_TS WAY

Its technology solutions transform global threat data into strategic, tactical, operational, and technical intelligence, enabling organizations to save time and resources, anticipate threats and understand their scope and nature.  

TS-WAY team acts as an extension of the client organization, supporting the in-house team for both information and investigation activities, cyber incident response, and technology or human security verification activities (offensive security services). 

Part of Telsy since 2023, it offers a preventive and comprehensive approach to guarantee and protect clients’ assets and business continuity.  


What is TS-Intelligence

TS-Intelligence is designed to meet organizations’ needs, seeking effective solutions to prevent or mitigate cyber risks.   

These services provide detailed information about existing or emerging threats, enabling organizations to strengthen their security posture and make informed decisions about cyber risk management.  

TS-Intelligence TelsyTS-Intelligence is designed to cope with several needs:  


This layer provides an in-depth analysis on cybersecurity issues that can affect corporate governance and strategy.   

It contributes to a broader view of geopolitical and industry scenarios, helping organizations make informed strategic decisions.  


The platform provides operational threat intelligence that answers the “who,” “how,” and “why” questions behind a cyber incident.   

This helps companies better understand the nature of attacks and develop effective responses.  


This layer focuses on providing immediately actionable information such as Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), which security teams can integrate into their systems to prevent and contain threats in real time.  


Access profiles

TS-Intelligence offers three access profiles:  


This profile includes validated OSINT sources, white reports and feeds, API integration, detailed adversary profiles, insight reports, and valuable support from specialized analysts.  


This profile offers validated and enriched OSINT sources, white and green reports and feeds, all the features of the Basic profile, and also daily news/reports to keep organizations constantly updated on threats.  


Includes classified OSINT and CLOSINT sources, white, green, amber, and red reports and feeds, as well as all the functionality of the previous profiles and MISP to MISP integration for advanced collaboration.  


Benefits of TS-Intelligence

TS-Intelligence offers various benefits:  

Improved risk understanding: It helps organizations process threat data to better understand risks and attackers, enabling more effective preventive measures. 


Reduced response time: The platform enables rapid detection of threats, reducing the response and mitigation time critical to containing attacks.  

Ongoing support: TS-Intelligence offers direct support from specialized analysts directly from the dashboard, ensuring professional help when needed.   

Reports and news: Provides daily English-language reports on adversaries, ongoing campaigns, malware, and detection rules, keeping organizations up-to-date on the latest threats.  

In a landscape where cyber-attacks are constantly on the rise, TS-Intelligence establishes itself as a key resource for protecting organizations and guiding them toward more effective cyber defense.   

The platform offers the ability to shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to fighting cyber attacks, enabling organizations to anticipate threat actors.   

With TS-Intelligence, cybersecurity becomes an affordable and manageable priority for all organizations.  


TS-WAY’s services

TS-WAY deploys a team of professionals, OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) instructors, co-founders of “The Exploit Database” project, and past core managers and developers of the professional penetration testing distribution BackTrack Linux (Kali Linux). 

The proposed services help enterprises raise their level of protection by identifying vulnerabilities in their systems, detecting infections already present, and responding quickly in case of an incident to prevent attackers from gaining the upper hand.  

TS-WAY’s experience is internationally recognized and corroborated by large private organizations in finance, insurance, defense, energy, telecommunications, transportation, technology, and by government and military organizations that have used the services of this Italian company over time.  


Learn more about TS-WAY’s services.