The protection of data and communications is linked to technologies that provide future-proof answers, capable of thwarting threats with as yet partially unknown potential.

To address this need, Telsy has acquired stakes in QTI, a leading Italian company in the field of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), a technology created to overcome the threat of attacks exposed by classical and quantum computers. The association between Telsy and QTI has resulted in a reliable end-to-end encryption system that provides unconditional security, compatible with current telecommunications infrastructure for civilian and military applications.


Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is a technology that exploits the physics properties of photons to securely exchange cryptographic keys between operating encryptors.

Telsy and QTI’s quantum-resistant solutions offer superior protection that overtake the traditional logic of classical cryptography.


TelsyMusaX provides an IP-based encryption solution benefitting from additional security provided by QKD layer.

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It is a QKD system consisting of an Alice unit and a Bob unit capable of generating quantum keys for ultra-secure communications.

The security of the keys is guaranteed by the laws of quantum physics, which allow the identification of possible eavesdroppers in the communication channel and can be integrated with Telsy encryptors.

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