Telsy represents a national flagship in communications security. Thanks to over 50 years of experience and tireless research, Telsy’s cryptographic systems guarantee the highest standards of security in data transfer and communications.

The integration between cryptographic solutions and cybersecurity services, accompanied by high-profile experts, makes Telsy’s Crypto portfolio a pool of expertise capable of offering cutting-edge proprietary products and algorithms, developing systems capable of protecting communications to meet evolving threats.


Network Encryption

Speed, reliability, efficiency. These are the imperatives in today’s communications security landscape. Protecting our data from theft and tampering is increasingly complex and requires tools that are up to the task.

With its historical expertise in developing proprietary ciphers and algorithms, Telsy ensures maximum protection in the transfer of data and communications, providing articulations for government and defense in support of national security.


Layer 3 encryptor for the protection of unclassified communications, with a throughput of 1 Gb/s. Available in Rack and Desktop versions.

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TelsyMusa_Rack Desktop

Secure Collaboration

Our private and professional conversations are constantly at a security risk. Telsy offers systems for collaboration and information sharing among multiple users through a variety of means, enabling legitimate owners to maintain full control over information with simple and efficient solutions.


Web conference platform that uses asymmetric encryption protocols to secure participant authentications, ensuring full control and security of communications.

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Antares Telsy


TelsyInTouch is an innovative dual and integrated Secure Collaboration solution that consists of two distinct interoperating elements:

TelsyInTouchApp – Secure messaging application
TelsyInTouchPhone – Hardened phone certificated common criteria 3.1 and 2

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An ultrasonic audio jammer that inhibits recording by malicious applications on compromised smartphones and mobile devices.

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ATMO Telsy environmental protection

TelsyCryptophone T2

It is a VoIP cryptophone with a built-in VPN, which protects data transmitted to and from application servers embedded in the Telsy Secure Cloud System (TSCS).

The TelsyCryptophone T2 can be connected to any PC in the private network, thus extending VPN protection to the communication applications used.

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Telsy Cryptophone T2


The security of companies and institutions at every level goes through the choice of reliable and certified solutions and technologies, especially if their activities are related to critically important or sensitive interests.

In this sense, and as seen in the recent developments in the current regulatory landscape, following a secure-by-design approach is essential if one does not want to rely on third-party partners, especially if they are not controlled and/or neither part of a European supply chain.

Secure Microchip

Telsy Secure MicrochipSecure Microchip is a programmable and secure-by-design micro-platform, a cryptographic secure element that enables the implementation of various security solutions underlying multiple technology applications and services.

It ensures the logical and physical security of cryptographic operations at the basis of the security architectures of any computer system dealing with sensitive information.

It is suitable to raise security measures derived from the cryptographic domain, in terms of confidentiality, integrity, and authentication, both in the cyber and physical security domains.

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