Founded in 2010, TS-WAY develops technologies and services for medium and large organizations with unique expertise in Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Its technology solutions transform global threat data into strategic, tactical, operational, and technical intelligence, enabling organizations to save time and resources, anticipate threats, and understand their scope and nature.

The TS-WAY team acts as an effective extension of the client organization, supporting the in-house team for both information and investigation activities, cyber incident response (Incident Response), and technological or human security verification activities (offensive security services).

Since 2023 part of Telsy, TS-WAY offers a preventive and comprehensive approach to security to guarantee and protect clients’ assets and business continuity.



TS-WAY deploys a team of professionals, OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) instructors, co-founders of “The Exploit Database” project, and past core managers and developers of the professional penetration testing distribution BackTrack Linux (Kali Linux).

The proposed services help enterprises raise their level of protection by identifying vulnerabilities in their systems, detecting infections already present, and responding quickly in case of an incident to prevent attackers from taking over.

TS-WAY’s experience is recognized in international fora and corroborated by large private organizations in finance, insurance, defense, energy, telecommunications, transportation, technology, and by government and military organizations that have used the services of this Italian company over time.

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In 2023 TS-WAY had become 100% a Telsy’s company, aiming to provide qualified experts and increasingly cutting-edge tools to serve the most demanding customers.

That deal strengthens services related to predictive defense, preventing cyber risks and incidents also through research activities on vulnerabilities not yet publicly known.

The merging of Telsy and TS-WAY has enhanced the offer of security solutions and services, facilitating integration with the activities already carried out integrally in Italy by the Security Operation Centers (SOC) and Response Teams (CSIRT) of Telsy and the TIM Group.

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