Security for offline conversations: TelsyATMO

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Protecting our data and communications from cyber risks is, now more than ever, extremely important to secure the content we exchange.  

In fact, many dangers can lurk around the corner, and any possible vulnerability in a system can contribute to jeopardizing our security.  

Just as it happens in digital environments, the same happens with traditional “analog” communications, such as conversations exchanged in a meeting or sitting in an office: this type of data can be recorded in a way that is unknowable to the user.   

For example, through malicious applications or malware installed on mobile devices, it is possible to coercively activate the voice recorder and exfiltrate any kind of information, including personal, confidential or strategic data. 

Users must rely on solutions able to secure mobile devices, such as spyware detectors, antivirus, managed mobile security services, such as TelsyMobileDefender, or hardware, such as TelsyATMO audio jammers, and more. 


What is a jammer? 

Jammers are electronic devices that transmit radio waves to prevent the functioning, or part of the functioning, of a wide variety of digital devices, such as telephones, remote controls, WiFi devices, GPS, wireless anti-theft alarm sensors, wiretaps, and more, depending on the nature.  

Telsy worried personTo give an example of how a jammer works, let’s imagine two people talking in a room. Suddenly someone turns on a loud stereo. The people continue talking (transmission) but can no longer hear each other (reception).    

Therefore, jammers are devices that disturb the radio-receiving sections of other apparatus.   


Why use a jammer?  

As mentioned, during a business meeting we are often exposed to the risk of eavesdropping, aimed at espionage or information theft.     

In this sense, vulnerability vectors could be mobile digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.     

These, due to the inability to know if hostile software is using the microphone, offer dangerous opportunities for malicious actors.     

TelsyATMO system protect sensitive or confidential information and communications against the risks derived from eavesdropping, the activity of surreptitiously intercepting communications.  


TelsyATMO: the ultrasonic audio jammer 

Apparently a hi-tech glovebox, TelsyATMO is actually an ultrasonic audio jammer that inhibits malicious applications on compromised smartphones from listening in on ongoing voice conversations.     

TelsyATMO (1)With this capability, the system prevents any conversation exchanged in the presence of mobile devices from being intercepted.    

Whether it is a table with more than one person talking or a video conference, TelsyATMO provides an efficient sonic shield that can disturb any incoming sound waves to the device inside it, preventing any malware or unwanted App from recording sounds or conversations.     


The functionality of TelsyATMO    

TelsyATMO consists of an open housing in which one or more mobile devices, such as smartphones or smartwatches, can be stored, ensuring accessibility and visibility due to its transparent structure.    

TelsyATMO schemeThis allows for at-a-glance evidence of any notifications, communications and system statuses.    

While keeping the functioning of the device housed inside unaffected, the sonic shield generated by TelsyATMO allows for total safety even in confidential or secretive environments.  

Within the housing space, TelsyATMO emits ultrasonic jamming signals inaudible to the human ear.    

Thanks to these ultrasounds, which saturate the microphones of the devices housed in it, it distorts the incoming signals, so that they are unrecognizable to any listening object.     

TelsyATMO is also equipped with a wireless charger for the battery of the devices housed in it and a dimmable diffused lighting system that can be controlled remotely, via a special remote control.     

The sonic protection function and wireless charging for devices can also be turned off via a simple switch.   


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