CrypTO: Telsy’s contribution in the organization of the CrypTO national web conference of Turin’s Polytechnic

The Polytechnic of Turin has organized with the collaboration of Telsy, the CrypTO national web conference.

It will take place on the 27th and 28th of May 2021.

The organizers are Danilo Bazzanella, Laura Capuano, Antonio Di Scala, Simone Dutto, Guglielmo Morgari, and Carlo Sanna.

You may find more information on this event here:

For 160 years, the Polytechnic of Turin has is one of the most prestigious public institutions at both the International and the Italian levels concerning scientific subjects and research on technological innovation.


CrypTO: the importance of cryptography

Nowadays, cryptography has increasing importance in contemporary society to assure secure communications. Among many other uses, it is the base for the engineering of new technologies and comms and data security.

The CrypTO web conference is addressed to both researchers and students, aiming to present an overview of research activities concerning cryptography and its applications. To do so, it relies on the contributions of this industry’s academic excellences and business actors.

The webinar will also cover other themes such as information technology & security, algebra, and, finally, cryptocurrencies.


What is CrypTO?

First, CrypTO is the research group of Cryptography and Number Theory born from the cooperation between the Department of Mathematical Sciences of the Turin Polytechnic and the Department of Mathematics of the University of Turin.

The group activities include teaching, research, and technology transfer in the field of cryptography.

Also, the theoretical research in mathematics is closest to cryptographic applications.


CrypTO: Invited Speakers

You may find a complete list of the panelists invited to speak at the event below:

Riccardo Aragona, University of L’Aquila
Daniele Bartoli, University of Perugia;
Marco Conoscenti, Nexa Center – Turin Polytechnic;
Andrea Di Nenno, Clearmatics;
Andrea Gangemi, Turin Polytechnic;
Irene Giacomelli, Protocol Labs;
Alessio Meneghetti, University of Trento;
Giacomo Micheli, University of South Florida;
Nadir Murru, University of Trento;
Federico Pintore, University of Bari;
Giordano Santilli, University of Trento;
Edoardo SignoriniTelsy;
Andrea Visconti, University of Milan

The event will be held in Italian


How to enroll

Attendance requires prior registration.

You may find the registration form here:

The Zoom platform will broadcast the web conference.