Innovation for security

Future goes through freedom of working in the digital world in full security

About us

Our story

Telsy protects digital interactions from ever-evolving threats, by innovating and contributing to the strenghtening of resilience and security


Products & Solutions

We are specialized in the designing and the production of solutions for the protection of telcoms and Cybersecurity


TIM Group

Telsy is a company of TIM Group, the Italian leader of the ICT sector, operating in the industry of telecommunication protection and cybersecurity.

Working in synergy with the other factories of the TIM Group, Telsy is the Cybersecurity competence center, which develops, besides the innovative core business focused on communication security, firmware security, MSS, data center security, and decision intelligence & data analytics solutions.

Telsy complies with the Golden Power regulation, being a strategic company to the national security and defense.