In the cybersecurity challenge, the TIM Group has chosen Telsy as Cyber National Champion. Cyber threats enlist as one of the main risk sources for businesses. In a world where the Internet becomes not only a tool to perform business activities, every organization is exposed to the risk of being hit.

Telsy represents the Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience competence center of the TIM Group for the civil market and offers businesses its experience assessing the general security level and meeting the most complex threats. Thanks to its team of high-profile experts with access to the most updated information on the evolution of the cyber world, Telsy offers proprietary products of Cyber Threat Intelligence, DNS systems, and advanced solutions in iSOC, FW Security, and Decision Intelligence domains.

Telsy Our solutions Cyber Orion


In the current climate, companies are exposed to increasingly sophisticated and constantly evolving risks and cyber-attacks, as in APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats). Orion is the threat intelligence platform developed entirely by Telsy that helps you protect your corporate networks from these threats, allowing your SOC or CERT analysts to make the right decisions quickly and effectively.

It is a web-based portal designed for predictive and preventive defense against APT / eCrime malware, which, thanks to a daily updated database of millions of IoCs (Indicators of Compromise) and IoA (Indicators of Attack), can offer contextualized information on malicious campaigns aimed at digital espionage, the spread of malware or the sabotage of infrastructures.

Orion offers the following benefits:

  • A web interface with detailed reports on analyzed threats;
  • Quick integration with existing security stack through STIX/TAXII/API/JSON support;
  • Annual, monthly, and weekly threat dispatches about observed major events and vulnerabilities;
  • Strategic Intelligence Reports (SIR), Malware Analysis Report (MAR), Early Warning Reports (EWR), Adversary Profile Reports (APR), and Adversary Tracking Reports (ATR).


Telsy Our solutions Cyber Phoenix


Orion’s Threat Landscape Analysis system helps detect threats targeting your company. By collaborating with some of the major hosting providers, Phoenix monitors the network and informs you whenever any suspicious activity aimed at your business is spotted, suggesting the most effective mitigation solutions.

You will benefit from:

  • Valuable information to take better preventive and mitigation action;
  • A broader context to build a strategic advantage over cyber threat actors;
  • Higher level of situational awareness.
Telsy Our solutions Testudo


Testudo prevents potential threats from hitting your corporate networks by blocking the resolution of domain names that are suspicious or malicious. Identified malware is redirected to inactive servers. It is a particularly suitable tool for managing the threats and risks of adopting smart-working solutions for their employees.

To access Testudo features, you can adopt the Telsy DNS system or integrate your security feeds with it.

Cyber Services

To understand the degree of effectiveness of the cybersecurity measures employed by a company, it is necessary to test its infrastructures and identify those vulnerabilities that could be exploited to launch a cyber attack.

Through its services, Telsy measures the general security level of your company, verifying the degree of risk exposure of the networks and corporate assets, and provides a complete report on the methodology and results of the assessment activities.

Telsy’s cybersecurity services:

  • Evaluate a company’s perimeter exposure to threats by conducting network, sub-networks and services enumerations, DNS lookup and reverse lookup, and investigating the presence of subdomains;
  • Evaluate the technologies’ exposure to risk;
  • Identify, by using open and commercial automated testing tools and manual testing tools, existing vulnerabilities and exploit them to assess the resilience of the company’s network;
  • Identify the targets of malware along with the company’s network and infrastructures by using network lateral movements.