Telsy places itself as a Competence Center in the cybersecurity and cyber resilience of the TIM Group for government and civil market. Always at the forefront against cybercrime, Telsy offers its know-how to assess corporate security levels and face the most complex threats, guaranteeing maximum quality and efficiency in every situation. Telsy offers advanced, integrated, scalable, and customizable cybersecurity-as-a-service solutions, based on proprietary cyber platforms and high-competences experts to build and enhance a defense strategy tailored to the customer’s need.

Detection & Response

The reaction speed is a crucial component when suffering a cyberattack. In case of malware infection, it may take years before detecting it, and huge quantities of data may already be in the hands of malicious actors. Thanks to its technologies, infrastructures, and the commitment of its experts, Telsy provides customized solutions to protect from these risks, allowing the user to manage its security perimeter autonomously and on-premise.

Cyber Incident Response

It is the set of procedures and resources used to respond to internal and external cyber incidents (violations of the security policies defined by the organization), e.g. data breach.

  • Telsy iSOC – Incident Response: This solution is aimed at providing consulting support to companies that have suffered a Data Breach and/or cyber incident, suggesting indications and steps to take in order to re-establish Business Continuity.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

It deals with the collection and analysis of information in order to identify and distinguish possible cyber threats based on technical aspects, resources, and purposes, often in relation with specific operational contexts.

  • Telsy iSOC – Domain Threat Intelligence: It has the aim of identifying the eventual public information available at OSINT and CLOSINT level with reference to a given target. The Gathering activity is performed through a process of research, identification and selection of the information available on the web, dark web, and deep web on the concerned domain and sub-domain to detect potential threats and vulnerabilities.
  • ODINO – Threat Investigation: It consists of a threat intelligence feed, a specific activity of validation, comprehension, and reaction to the events happening in a given environment, before they become serious incidents, in order to identify and collect proofs that can be traced back to a specific campaign and therefore reduce the overall impact of the threat to the company business. ODINO is part of the OMNIA integrated cybersecurity platform, the Telsy technology composed of independent and interoperable elements to guarantee 360° protection and security.

Decision Intelligence

This service is performed through a modular platform based on innovative technologies of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, that allows to integrate and elaborate in real-time data internal and external to the organization, providing key elements for time-sensitive decision making and the automatization of analytical processes.

  • OLIMPO – Decision Intelligence Platform: This is the Decision Intelligence solution based on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies, allowing to integrate and elaborate real-time data internal and external to the organization in order to provide stakeholders with the key elements to take time-sensitive decisions and automatize time-consuming analyitical processes. OLIMPO is part of the OMNIA integrated cybersecurity platform, the Telsy technology composed of independent and interoperable elements to guarantee 360° protection and security.

Early Warning

It allows to detect in real-time and early warn the user about a potential threat to ICT systems belonging to its technologies’ perimeter.

  • Telsy iSOC – Early Warning: This solution deals with activities of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), intending to search and analyze information on potential security vulnerabilities of the Technology List concerning vendors’ official disclosures, reducing the detection and analysis timescale.

Endpoint Detection & Response

It includes and groups all the advanced instruments aimed at detecting threats on the endpoints and performing investigation and response activities.

Security Monitoring

It implies the collection and analysis of information, to detect suspicious behaviors and unauthorized system modifications on a network, defining alert/warning target and countermeasure procedures based on the needs identified.

  • Telsy iSOC – Security Monitoring: It allows monitoring of potentially harmful events on the whole ICT infrastructure, optimizing the collection, analysis, alerting & reporting of critical events, to minimize risks and raise the security level. The service is remotely operated by Telsy SOC personnel and is managed through our OMNIA proprietary solution.


These systems are capable of detecting attacks otherwise not identifiable and guide the reconfiguration of other security controls of the company, to bridge vulnerabilities blocking eventual violations.

  • iSOC Infrastructures: Telsy provides innovative infrastructure and highly skilled experts to support its customers through a dedicated iSOC, active 24/7.


The best way to prevent an attack is to test own infrastructures in order to better comprehend their vulnerabilities and put in place appropriate crisis response initiatives. Telsy puts its technologies and experts at the service of quality and efficiency, averting crises in the bud and providing high-level consulting and support for the user’s security strategies.

Cyber Risk Analysis / Cyber Risk Monitoring

These are solutions that assess the comprehensive risk level and security posture with respect to predefined benchmark targets.

  • Cyber risk management: Telsy ICT Risk Management activity helps customers become aware of their own needs and define an effective strategic plan for cybersecurity investments, to keep costs, mitigate the risk, and minimize eventual losses.

Cybersecurity Governance

It consists of technologies, infrastructures, and experts focused on the complete control of cybersecurity activities, to guarantee the security of business priorities and timely and effective responses to potential threats.

Penetration Test

It concerns the operations aimed at the identification of potential tangible impacts, through the search for vulnerabilities and their exploitation, with manual assessment techniques on Mobile apps, Web Applications, and infrastructural systems.

  • Telsy vulnerability assessment & Telsy penetration test: Telsy performs ICT control by combining automatic tools with manual Penetration Test activities, to assess the systems’ security status and search for eventual vulnerabilities, 0Day, and attack scenarios.

Security Awareness

In the cybersecurity domain, people’s behaviors make the difference even more than technologies: security awareness, i.e. the capacity to remain vigilant, act and react in front of potential risks and cyber threats, has become an essential capability both in work and private environments.

  • MetaSec Security Awareness: Through an e-learning interactive course on cybersecurity awareness, designed for non-specialist personnel of public and private organizations, MetaSec optimizes practices and behaviors for adaptation to current risk levels, developing a high degree of awareness in the interaction with digital and web technologies.
  • Proofpoint Security Awareness: It is a training course for personnel’s outreach on the main issues of cybersecurity, to raise users’ awareness of cyber threats and minimize the organization’s overall attack surface, with an average annual reduction of the tendency rate to suffer phishing attacks from 40% to 50%.

Security by Design

This is a methodology for hardware and software development aimed at protecting and limiting systems’ vulnerabilities through continuous tests, guarantees of authentication, and conformity with coding best practices.

Vulnerability Assessment

This process aims at the identification of potential security vulnerabilities through the use of automatic tools both on infrastructures (SO, network devices) and web applications.

  • Telsy vulnerability assessment & Telsy penetration test: Telsy performs ICT control by combining automatic tools with manual Penetration Test activities, to assess the systems’ security status and search for eventual vulnerabilities, 0Day, and attack scenarios.


The protection from threats that are external to the own infrastructures includes the use of adequate software, protocols, and actions capable of recognizing and blocking specific cyberattacks. Thanks to up-to-date software and certified proprietary technologies, Telsy protects the devices and networks of government and corporate customers based on their specific needs.

Anti Phishing

Solutions that impede unauthorized access to secure and/or sensitive information, detecting and scanning eventual dangerous links or malware downloads.

Application Security

This encompasses procedures for the testing of security functionalities in the applications to prevent eventual vulnerabilities against threats like unauthorized access and modification.

DDoS Protection

Protection process for servers and networks that are targeted by a DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attack.

  • Telsy DDoS Protection: This is the security solution managed by specialized personnel from the Security Operation Center (SOC), active 24/7, that protects the company’s business from Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) cyberattacks, safeguarding the availability of online services.

DNS Security

Protection measures that involve the DNS Protocol, essential component for network security having physiologic vulnerabilities.

  • Telsy Safe Web: This service protects Internet surfing on fake websites that attempt to steal reserved personal information or infect computers with malicious softwares. It hinders access to the malicious website and warns the user through a protection page, also providing ad hoc reports.
  • Telsy Safe Web Enterprise: “Safe Web” service for companies with more than 25 users.

E-mail Security

Solutions that scan and/or block incoming e-mail at SMTP gateway, searching for virus, spam, and malicious codes.

  • Telsy Proofpoint E-mail Protection: This solution helps to protect and control incoming and outgoing e-mails. It protects employees, data, and trademarks from threats like fake e-mails, phishing, malware, in bulk sent messages, and spam. It optimizes incident response and analyzes the e-mails automatically removing malicious messages.

Endpoint Protection

Solutions are implemented on endpoint devices to prevent file-based malware attacks, detect harmful activities and provide investigation and remediation capabilities that are necessary to respond to incidents and security alerts.

  • Telsy My Security Area: This rental supply of routers and firewalls with Sonicwall and Juniper technology, managed and supervised by Telsy SOC, is a solution for area security that allows the customer to exploit IP connectivity services, protecting its site from potential external attacks, and have a secure VPN at the same time.

Network Security

It is the set of measures used to protect information flows from unauthorized access and (accidental or intentional) interference during ordinary operations.

  • Telsy Area Protection: Highly modular, flexible, and customizable area security solutions, that allow the protection of services exposed on the network and increase the security of remote working.
  • Telsy Cyber Industry (Dark Trace): Telsy Industrial Immune System is a Cyber Artificial Intelligence platform for OT environments, that detects and responds autonomously to both known and unknown threats.
  • Telsy Cyber Industry (Nozomi): This solution encompasses monitoring and identification of anomalies in industrial systems and IoT devices through network discovery and the Industrial Control System’s visibility.
  • Telsy SASE: Cloud-based security model combining and centralizing network and cybersecurity services.
  • Telsy Secure Gateway: This solution is designed for multi-site customers that need to secure access to Internet and reduce the management complexity of the logical security policies.

Malware Protection

Solutions that monitor the transfer of data and information, detecting and removing threats to protect the concerned device.

  • Virus Total: It is the world’s largest malware and IoC repository, verifying the files sent through more than 70 antivirus solutions and URL blacklist and domain services. It provides tools for performing searches based on complex criteria to identify and perform the download of malicious files for further analysis.

Web Application Filtering

Software solutions that restrict access to web applications.

  • Telsy Host Protection: This managed security solution allows the identification of threats and vulnerabilities, the definition of priorities for action, the design, implementation, and management of appropriate countermeasures.

Web Content Filtering

Software solutions that restrict access to web content.

  • Google Chronicle: This is the Google Cloud Security integrated platform for telemetry and global security. Chronicle is a scalable platform managed on Google Cloud, used for integrating and analyzing heterogeneous sources of telemetry data for the identification of security threats.

Cyber Offensive

The Offensive Cyber Capabilities (OCC) are the combination of people, technologies, and organizational features, that jointly enable offensive cyber operations, i.e. the inconsistent manipulation of cyber services and networks. Through tools, artifacts, personnel, and intelligence capacity, in line with the international security directives, Telsy focuses its OCC on the relative (de-)escalation potential, in terms of diplomatic tension, instability, or balance of power.

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