In the cybersecurity challenge, the TIM Group has chosen Telsy as Cyber National Champion. Cyber threats enlist as one of the main risk sources for businesses. In a world where the Internet becomes not only a tool to perform business activities, every organization is exposed to the risk of being hit. Telsy represents the Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience competence center of the TIM Group for the civil market and offers businesses its experience assessing the general security level and meeting the most complex threats. Thanks to its team of high-profile experts with access to the most updated information on the evolution of the cyber world, Telsy offers proprietary products of Cyber Threat Intelligence, DNS systems, and advanced solutions in iSOC, FW Security, and Decision Intelligence domains.



OMNIA is the Telsy’s integrated cyber defense solution, a synthesis of three platforms: Odino, Miro and Olimpo.


It is the backbone of OMNIA through which our threat intelligence platform sees, organizes and displays data relating to the protection of corporate networks from cyber threats, providing SOC or CERT analysts with an efficient and intuitive interface for data management. It is a web-based portal designed for predictive and preventive defense against APT / eCrime malware, offering contextualized information on malicious campaigns aimed at digital espionage, the spread of malware, or the sabotage of infrastructures.


It is the SIEM solution for cyber security monitoring and cyber incident response. Thanks to AI and correlation algorithms, it is able to manipulate huge flows of cyber events in real-time, allowing the analysts to detect anomalies and establish the conditions to react quickly. Miro is the view, the perspective that allows the analyst to collect the chronology of information in order to “freeze the crime scene” in ever-changing situations, allowing him to look to the future of the potential effects in the events that occur.


It is the junction point between human beings and algorithms: competence, experience, human intuition are perfectly combined with the best Artificial Intelligence technologies. Like the epic Greek mountain, home of the gods, Olimpo optimizes Decision Intelligence processes through the support of the most sophisticated AI algorithms, structured to bridge the cognitive limits of the mind, collecting, enhancing and organizing the production of information in structured and unstructured data from various internal or external sources.

Thanks to the fusion of these three elements, OMNIA guarantees a data processing capacity to respond quickly and effectively against the most serious IT security problems.

Cyber Services

To understand the degree of effectiveness of the cybersecurity measures employed by a company, it is necessary to test its infrastructures and identify those vulnerabilities that could be exploited to launch a cyber attack. Through its services, Telsy measures the general security level of your company, verifying the degree of risk exposure of the networks and corporate assets, and provides a complete report on the methodology and results of the assessment activities. Telsy’s cybersecurity services:

  • Evaluate a company’s perimeter exposure to threats by conducting network, sub-networks and services enumerations, DNS lookup and reverse lookup, and investigating the presence of subdomains;
  • Evaluate the technologies’ exposure to risk;
  • Identify, by using open and commercial automated testing tools and manual testing tools, existing vulnerabilities and exploit them to assess the resilience of the company’s network;
  • Identify the targets of malware along with the company’s network and infrastructures by using network lateral movements.