Telsy’s report on UniCredit’s data breach went viral worldwide

On the evening of April 19, Telsy denounced that the personal data of about 3000 employees of the UniCredit S.p.A. bank, one of the largest banks in Italy, had been put on sale on cybercrime forums. According to the seller, in the leak there are information about thousands of employees, including emails, phone numbers, encrypted password, last name and first name. The database was found available on at least two cyber-crime and hacking related forums.

In the following hours the article published by Telsy on its blog has been reported by several major news agency worldwide. Telsy’s CEO, Emanuele Spoto, commented: “Yesterday the Telsy report was cited by Bloomberg News and several other press agencies on cybersecurity. As a GoldenPower company we feel compelled to defend our country’s main institutions, especially in these difficult times. The ongoing cyber team’s commitment to contrast industrial espionage and malevolent cyber-intrusion practices will continue”.

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