Olicyber: the future of Italian cybersecurity is here!

Will the curriculum of Italian pupils soon include hacking? There is a chance.

Italy is organizing its first CyberOlimpics, Olicyber, organized by CINI and TeamItaly, the Italian white hackers’ team.

The organizing committee conveys the value and the culture of cybersecurity among younger generations.

Hopefully, this initiative will promote the selection and the training of future and talented cybersecurity professionals.

Olicyber: what is it?

Disciplines of the Cyber Olympics include Web Security, Cryptography, Sofware Security, and Network Security.

These special athletes are the pupils of Italian high school. An additional merit of OliCyber is that the organizers will select the participants without discrimination, especially ensuring gender equality. Participation is conditional on the membership of the Olicyber network by educative institutions.

Teachers may enlist their schools swiftly and in a short time as the organizers have set up a simple application process. Their goal is to ensure maximum participation. Participating in Olicyber would benefit teachers, too.

Indeed, Olicyber offers them professional updating packages to keep up with state of the art on cybersecurity. OliCyber brought teachers back to school, then.

If curious, you may have a look at their website here.

The importance of cyber-education

What are the reasons for this attention to the youth? Cybersecurity education has been becoming a leading and key theme in Italian policy. Olicyber means to scale up the awareness of cybersecurity among youngsters.

Then, Olicyber is part of a bigger and more ambitious project. Italy is investing a lot of money to implement a swift and painless digital transformation plan. The successful implementation of the plan – observers say – may enhance Italy’s chances of achieving economic growth in the long term.

Why? The world has been turning digital, and digitalization has revolutionized the economy.

However, the main focus of Italian policymakers is purely educative. Initiatives like Olicyber aims at making the young cyber-aware. Nobody can ignore that the digital domain is a key part of our life. Its ultimate objective is thus to prepare the youth in this sense.

Conclusion: Olicyber and the future of Italian cybersecurity

In conclusion, Pierre de Coubertin, the father of modern Olympics, meant to stress the Olympic Games’ positive role in the future of individuals as moral and social advancement. Then, Olicyber deals with advancement not only in a purely technical sense.

Their purpose is to make the community a better and more secure place. Indeed, initiatives like Olicyber are a blessing. They lead to change and innovation. 

They also funnel talent and stimulate curiosity while developing skills welcomed by the labor market. Such competitions are flowering.

Thus, policymakers worldwide should encourage them to provide society with advanced knowledge on cyber threats and defense.