Is SOCaaS useful for companies? Google Chronicle as an effective and advantageous SOCaaS service

Today, we present a paper that explains the convenience of adopting a SOCaaS service for businesses and organizations.

The correct management of IT infrastructures is essential to guarantee any organization’s growth and evolution on the market, as well as obtaining those certifications required to have by law in the field of IT security.

Choosing the right technology is one of the most difficult choices faced by the corporate IT manager in the process of building an infrastructure that is secure and resilient to the cyber threats that proliferate on the network.

One solution to these problems is to equip your organization with a SOCaaS security service based on cloud technology.

The use of cloud technology enables ubiquitous, on-demand and cost-effective network access for a shared pool of computer resources such as servers, networks, data storage, etc., which can be quickly configured with a minimum level of interaction required with the service provider.

Google Chronicle Security is a cybersecurity company part of Google Cloud Platform and born from an offshoot of Google X and intends to offer a SOCaaS service to its customers in the near future.

As a partner of Google Chronicle, Telsy uses YARA-L rules-based security protocols for its security protocols, ready to be integrated into solutions aimed at searching and identifying the threat.

You can download the full PDF paper here: Telsy Paper SOCAAS