Green tech and green computing


Recently, the constitutional protection of the environment has been strengthened by the bill aimed at reforming articles 9 and 41 of our Constitution on environmental protection to protect biodiversity, ecosystems, and animals. This change represents a truly significant step to strengthen the qualification of the environment as a primary value of constitutional rank and strengthen eco-sustainability as well as to increase the level of protection.

In the tech field, is it possible to use technology with respect for the environment? Yes, it is possible thanks to Green tech and Green computing that allow us to protect our planet by preserving its natural resources through more sustainable and efficient use of technological means.

In particular, Green tech involves the use of technology aimed at creating products and providing services in a way that respects the planet and, in doing so, digital is managed in line with environmental protection. Always using this green approach, Green computing aims at the design, production, use, and disposal of IT systems with the lowest possible environmental impact and, indeed, implementing them using renewable energy means.


By Alessandro Livi and Erica Onorati, Team Legal Telsy  

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The authors

Alessandro Livi, graduated with honors from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” with a thesis in Comparative Private Law entitled: “International copyright in the digital society, between new protections and new conflicts”. PhD at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Alessandro is also an expert in the subject of Comparative Private Law at the aforementioned University as well as Market Law and Regulation at the LUISS Guido Carli University. Before joining Telsy, he worked, among other things, in the field of business contracts, corporate law, commercial law and financial law at primary level law firms, both national and international, and as Legal Consuel, in business contexts. Finally, he is the author of several publications on corporate law, fintech and cybersecurity law.

Erica Onorati, graduated in law from the LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome with a thesis in civil law entitled “The renegotiation clauses”, focused on the analysis and applicability of the renegotiation in contractual matters. Specialized in the civil law profile, she has studied issues related to contractual and extra-contractual liability and corporate and commercial law. After several experiences in the legal field in corporate contexts as a corporate lawyer, you currently hold the role of Junior Legal Counsel in Telsy. with a focus on the management of business contracts and legal advice provided to the business lines involved in the various sectors of business operations.