Telsy represents an Italian point of reference in communications security. Thanks to 50 years of experience and tireless research, Telsy’s cryptographic systems guarantee the highest security standards in data transfer and communications, the result of continuous innovation in ever new and captivating areas. The integration between cryptographic solutions and the cybersecurity services, together with high-profile experts, makes Telsy’s Crypto Suite a pool of skills that allows offering proprietary algorithms, products, and cutting-edge skills, developing systems capable of protecting communications to face constantly evolving threats.

Network Encryption

Speed, reliability, efficiency. These are imperatives in today’s communications security landscape. Protecting your data from theft and tampering is increasingly complex and requires tools that are up to the task. With its fifty years of experience in the development of proprietary ciphers and algorithms, Telsy guarantees maximum protection in the transfer of data and communications, providing security solutions for the Government and Defense to support national security.


  • MUSA: Designed for protecting the IP traffic, Musa is based on the proprietary communication protocol named Telsy Guard and guarantees interoperability with the new generation Telsy encryptors’ system named Hypnos.


  • HYPNOS: The Hypnos system offers an optimal solution to layer 3 IP traffic protection needs for institutional customers. The system includes specific tools for managing encryption keys and networks on which Telsy has implemented the proprietary Telsy Guard protocol. The security of the Hypnos system is further enhanced by the Key Distribution Center and the Network Management System (NMS) that integrate the system.


Secure Communications

Our private and professional conversations are constantly vulnerable: illegal wiretapping, eavesdropping, and malicious apps are just some of the threats. Telsy’s Secure Communications solutions offer simple and efficient answers to these problems: without the need for expensive infrastructural and instrumental adjustments, it’s possible to ensure maximum protection for your conversations while maintaining the classic usability of traditional devices. Design, elegance, and reliability on any eventuality.

Voice Security

  • PILLOW: Pillow was designed to secure fixed telephones. It is a tool able to encrypt the telephone traffic flowing from a VoIP COTS-like device and recognize the type of device it is connected to so as to adjust its behavior.


  • CRYPTOPHONE T2: Cryptophone T2 is an encryptor VoIP-telephone with integrated VPNs, that guarantee the protection of the data transmitted from and to the application servers within the Telsy Secure Cloud System (TSCS). Cryptophone T2 can be connected to any PC belonging to the private network, therefore extending the VPN protection to the communication applications used by any of the connected PC.

crypto phone t2

File Encryption

  • LEGION: Legion is a cryptographic token with a proprietary algorithm for data protection, both those present on the token itself and on the PC to which it is connected. It also allows the creation of a secure connection between Users who use the token and share the same infrastructure, in order to achieve the highest levels of security in communications. It provides compatibility with encryption infrastructure.



  • ANTARES: Antares is a web conference platform. It uses asymmetric encryption protocols to ensure attendee authentication. Antares is a solution with a quick and simple configuration but with high levels of security higher than any other video conference solution.

Antares Telsy

Secure Collaboration

  • IN TOUCH APP: It provides an unencrypted user experience similar to the common terminals and a high audio and video quality thanks to the use of advanced codecs. For both Android and iOS, the InTouch app uses E2EE for chat, VoIP calls, and audio conferencing.

intouch app

  • IN TOUCH PHONES: InTouch Phones technology adopts next-generation hardened smartphone platform, which can protect devices from any external intrusion. The secured smartphone is certified as a root of trust and the local infrastructure are providing unconditional security.

intouch phone

Environment Protection

  • ATMO: It is an ultrasonic audio jammer that inhibits the recording of voice conversations by malicious applications on mobile devices. It offers a sonic shield for any acoustic signal entering the device housed inside it. ATMO has no interferences on radio waves and allows you to continue to receive calls and messages, giving the opportunity to the customer to remain always operational.


Military Equipment

Telsy’s historic tradition in the supply of government and military equipment is the bearer of over fifty years of experience and innovation. Secure radios, positioning ciphers, and customized security protocols are just some of the solutions that have characterized Telsy’s history and its solid relationship with the institutions.

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