Telsy represents an Italian point of reference in communications security. Thanks to 50 years of experience and tireless research, Telsy’s cryptographic systems guarantee the highest security standards in data transfer and communications, the result of continuous innovation in ever new and captivating areas. The integration between cryptographic solutions and the cybersecurity services, together with high-profile experts, makes Telsy’s Crypto Suite a pool of skills that allows offering proprietary algorithms, products, and cutting-edge skills, developing systems capable of protecting communications to face constantly evolving threats.

Data Transmission

Velocità, affidabilità, efficienza. Questi sono gli imperativi nell’odierno panorama della sicurezza delle comunicazioni. Proteggere i propri dati da furti e manomissioni è sempre più complesso e richiede strumenti all’altezza del compito. Con i suoi cinquant’anni di esperienza nello sviluppo di cifranti e algoritmi proprietari, Telsy garantisce la massima protezione nel trasferimento di dati e comunicazioni, fornendo articolazioni per il Governo e la Difesa a supporto della sicurezza nazionale.


  • HYPNOS: Hypnos is the Telsy’s new generation encryptors family. At the speed of 1 gigabit per second, is able to encrypt communications via Telsy proprietary VPN protocol, also offering total protection from quantum computer attacks.


  • MUSA: Musa is an encryption module (blade) integrated with the CISCO® router family of the ISR series. It is based on proprietary communication protocol and guarantees interoperability with new generation IP cipher families.

musa Telsy

  • VEGA: Vega encryptors can protect very high data traffic volume, and are equipped with integrated FPGA circuits, where the encryption algorithms, secured from quantum computer threats, are implemented directly on the hardware.

vega Telsy

Safe Collaboration

The new collaboration modalities, especially in work contexts, make both employees and company assets extremely vulnerable. Home or public networks, computers, phones, and unprotected devices can be potential attack vectors. Furthermore, the information exchanged during ordinary telephone calls or during web conferences can be spied on, jeopardizing their confidentiality.


  • IN TOUCH APP: Provides a free-to-air terminals-like user experience and high audio and video quality by using advanced codecs. Both for Android and iOS, InTouch App uses E2EE for chat, VoIP call, and audio conferences.

Intouch app

  • IN TOUCH PHONES: InTouch Phones adopts a hardened platform for new generation smartphones, able to lock devices from any external intrusion. A certified secure smart card as root of trust and on-premises infrastructure provides unconditional security.

intouch phones


  • ANTARES: Antares is a web conference platform that uses asymmetric encryption protocols to ensure participant authentication. It allows simple and quick configuration for any use environment, ensuring the highest security level.


Voice Security

Our private and professional conversations are constantly vulnerable: illegal wiretapping, eavesdropping, malicious apps, are just some of the threats. Telsy’s Voice Security solutions offer simple and efficient answers to these problems: without the need for expensive infrastructural and instrumental adjustments, it’s possible to ensure maximum protection for your conversations while maintaining the classic usability of traditional devices. Design, elegance, and reliability on any eventuality.


  • ATMO: An ultrasonic audio jammer that inhibits the recording of voice conversations by malicious applications on mobile devices. It offers a sonic shield for any acoustic signal entering the device housed inside it.


Secure Communications

  • PILLOW: Pillow is born to transform normal phones into crypto phones. Is a tool capable of encrypting a COTS type VoIP device’s telephone traffic, recognizing the type of other devices, and consequently adapting its behavior.


  • CRYPTOPHONE T2: Landline phones that allow to communicate sensitive information with the highest security level and take advantage of both IP and traditional networks. Absolute confidentiality, ease of use, and excellent audio quality.

crypto phone

  • LEGION: Legion is a USB token with highly protected memory, equipped with a client to connect via a proprietary VPN to the corporate network, the protection of its Operating System, and other customized software packages.


Military Equipment

Telsy’s historic tradition in the supply of government and military equipment is the bearer of over fifty years of experience and innovation. Secure radios, positioning ciphers, and customized security protocols are just some of the solutions that have characterized Telsy’s history and its solid relationship with the institutions.

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