Telsy’s challenge is integrating digital and electro-magnetical communications and guaranteeing superior protection levels. Telsy represents an Italian and European point of reference in the communication security industry. Our cryptographic devices have been serving Defense for decades, assuring a high-security level for every communication means currently available. Thanks to 50-years long experience and restless research, Telsy’s cryptosystems guarantee the highest security standards in data transferring and communications, resulting in ongoing innovation in new and engaging fields such as post-quantum cryptography.

Telsy Our solutions Cyber Gematron


Using a smartphone is very simple. And that is precisely why it is dangerous. Automatic behaviors such as unlocking the phone, making a phone call, writing, or sending a message often lead one to underestimate the danger that lies in them when the content of communications is of a sensitive nature. Gematron is more than just a messaging app. Wherever you are, Gematron allows you to call and send messages, emails, and files securely, ensuring the protection and integrity of the entire communication process. It is the best solution to keep a constantly updated flow of information directly on your smartphone.

  • A communication environment is protected from the intrusion of possible unauthorized subjects thanks to its three-factor authentication.
  • The proprietary VPN ensures the end-to-site confidentiality of communications and data integrity.
  • Gematron can be configured with end-to-end encryption, offering an additional level of security.
  • As an on-premises solution, Gematron ensures that data never leaves the company’s perimeter and allows complete control.
  • It can be integrated with your organization’s PABX, extending the level of security to existing fixed solutions.
  • Can be integrated with hardened solutions – s7 / s10 – offering the highest levels of security.


Telsy Our solutions Legion


All your data in the palm of your hand. In total safety. Today, it is possible. This is Legion: an encryption device in the form of a USB stick. Thanks to its compact size and excellent performance, Legion is a Telsy Secure Token with incredible versatility. In a simple USB stick, you can have highly protected memory, a client to connect through a proprietary VPN to your company network, the protection of your Operating System, and other services through specialized software packages.

  • Offline encryption of sensitive content with the best level of protection.
  • Allows live boot of a Windows system on a desktop/laptop PC intended for handling confidential documents.
  • Fully protected architecture through a cryptographic key production and management center.
  • Full dialogue with Gematron with the opportunity to share files in complete safety.
Telsy Our solutions Crypto Sirio


Your IP network is not completely under your control. Still, it embraces connections and devices controlled by telephone operators, your provider, and your employees, exposing your data to the risk of being intercepted or stolen. The Sirio ciphers were designed precisely to ensure the absolute security of the data transiting over these networks and encompass all of Telsy’s expertise in protecting Internet communications. Once the system is installed, the data packets originating from the devices on the protected LAN (Local Area Network) are completely encrypted and sent to the destination Sirio cipher, where the packets are extracted, decrypted, and sent to the final destination.

  • They are protocol ciphers and therefore operate at level three of the ISO / OSI model. This allows him to create a communication channel that encrypts any transmission.
  • Compact, easy to install, and reliable, they can be conveniently placed in an office.
  • Fully designed and developed using proprietary cryptographic technology and protocols, they are available in different versions to be adapted to any network architecture.
  • They have their own Key Distribution Center, which generates symmetric 256-bit keys and distributes them to different devices.


Telsy Our solutions Crypto Vega


When you need to connect your IP networks seamlessly, you are often forced to switch between shared infrastructures with your operator or provider, with all the associated risks. Vega ciphers are the ideal solution for anyone who needs to protect very high data traffic, being equipped with several integrated FPGA circuits, where the encryption algorithms – already secured from the new threats related to quantum computers – are implemented directly on the hardware to ensure a unique level of security, reliability, and speed.

  • They operate at very high speed, being able to encrypt and decrypt up to 10 Gigabit of data per second, using the 256-bit keys generated by the Key Distribution Center;
  • The physically separate the free-to-air traffic from the encrypted one at the hardware level, reducing the attack surface and ensuring a much higher degree of security than a software-only system;
  • Thanks to an innovative key distribution system, they make it possible to set up security policies that determine distinct levels of encryption between the different nodes of the network.
  • The Sirio ciphers are based on hardware and software completely developed by Telsy, which ensures their maintenance and development.

MicrosoftTeams image



Smartphones play an increasingly central role even in corporate communication. In some cases, it is absolutely vital to ensure that the information and data contained in these devices are safe and protected against any threat. Thanks to the partnership with Samsung, Telsy has created two different versions starting from the Galaxy S10 model – with soft hardenization and full hardenization – optimized to meet different needs in terms of corporate mobile security.

  • They are based on the Samsung Knox platform, ensuring that all security applications are cryptographically separated from the device.
  • With soft hardening, they undergo policy changes at the software level through Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and are customized according to customer needs;
  • With full hardening, they are equipped with a dedicated custom binary firmware and incorporate a micro-SD with a hardware cipher that uses Telsy encryption;
  • They are designed to work with Gematron, Telsy’s secure communications app.


Cryptophone T2

A must-have for your workstation. Imagine a landline phone that allows you to communicate sensitive information with the highest security level and take advantage of both IP and traditional networks. This is the Telsy T2. Absolute confidentiality. Maximum ease of use. Excellent audio quality. Optional power supply via POE. And not only.

  • User-friendly interface capable of keeping security details invisible without ever being compromised.
  • High-level encrypted communication while allowing you to make clear calls to PSTN or VoIP phones.
  • Functional versatility as a gateway for accessing services provided by the Telsy Secure Communication System.
  • Implementation of the knowledge separation paradigm. Sensitive information and algorithms are stored in a Crypto Ignition Key – an easily secured smartcard capable of guaranteeing an excellent level of reliability.
Telsy Our solutions Pillow


Your device. With something more. Pillow was born from the need to transform your phone into a crypto phone. A tool capable of encrypting a COTS type VOIP device’s telephone traffic, recognizing the type of other devices, and consequently adapting its behavior.

  • Automatic recognition of the terminals with which it interacts during the call setup.
  • Compatibility with the CISCO infrastructure, with any other infrastructure based on SIP standards, and secure telephone terminals such as Telsy T2 and TSM R10.
  • Highest level of security authentication via USB token and PIN.

Your device. With so much more. Pillow


Musa is an encryption module (blade) integrated in the CISCO router family of the ISR (integrated services router) series. It is based on the proprietary Telsyguard communication protocol and guarantees interoperability with Hypnos new generation IP cipher families.

It has been designed to protect IP traffic using high security and reliability technology deriving from the long experience gained by Telsy in the field of communications protection.

It has different form factors and customizable performances based on the necessary performance, responding to the need to protect networks of different architectures, and guaranteeing adaptability to any use, desktop and rack.



The ATMO system arises from the need to protect sensitive or confidential data, information, and communications against the risks deriving from eavesdropping. It is an ultrasonic audio jammer that inhibits the recording by malicious applications on compromised smartphones of voice conversations in progress.

It acts directly on very high frequencies, in order to offer a sonic shield for any acoustic signal entering the mobile device housed inside it. In fact, inside the housing space, ATMO emits ultrasonic noise signals that are not audible to the human ear.

Thanks to these ultrasounds, the signals emitted (and received) by the mobile device undergo such distortion as to be unrecognizable for any other receiving device: for this reason, ATMO constitutes a guarantee of confidentiality and protection which is essential in confidential contexts.


Telsy Our solutions Hypnos


Maximum speed. Maximum security. This is the Hypnos family. Tradition and innovation meet in the latest generation Telsy ciphers. At the speed of 1 gigabit per second. Currently. Is it not enough?

  • Encrypted communications made via a new Telsy VPN protocol – Telsy Guard.
  • Total protection from attacks from Quantum Computers.
  • A complete response to the need for crypto agility.
  • Unlimited speed: 10 and 100 gigabits per second versions available soon.