Decision Intelligence and security: VIP digital protection

Decision Intelligence and security VIP digital protection

Having large volumes of data available is essential when it comes to security.

Even more central is the ability to know how to read, analyze and process these data, or to be able to extrapolate evidence and insights useful for the goal.

To meet this need and optimize the data analysis and interpretation processes, there are different methodologies and tools. One of these is decision intelligence.


The Decision Intelligence landscape

The ability to read data quickly and reliably becomes essential to answer present and future scenarios.

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Big data analysis, supported by sophisticated correlation algorithms, now makes possible to have complex information available in real-time, allowing a correct interpretation of the data so as to be able to frame future prospects and scenarios.

Decision intelligence is a process that allows you to make data-driven decisions more quickly and accurately, in less time and with greater precision.

Increases the analysts ability to provide input to improve, contextualise and make the decision-making process more coherent, in support of decision makers but also, specifically, of monitoring the safety of subjects exposed to risks.

It is therefore a tool that allows you to reconstruct the reference operating context, providing a complete information landscape to support analysts in the analysis and data gathering process aimed at producing useful reports for decision making.


Decision Intelligence as a prevention tool

For both decision making and risk management, decision intelligence proves to be an extremely useful tool.

When attention is paid to the safety or protection of a specific exposed person, such as a public figure or a managerial figure, it is essential to collect the data and information necessary to assess the various risk profiles.

The risk, however, increases according to the quantity (and quality) of the data freely exposed on the network, the availability of these being the main factor of vulnerability for the subject – or opportunity, in the case of a threat actor.


VIP Digital Protection: Telsy’s proposal

TelsyOlimpo, Telsy’s Decision Intelligence solution, consists of a modular platform based on innovative Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies, which allows to integrate and process internal and external data real-time to the organization to provide decision makers with the key elements for making time-sensitive decisions and, at the same time, automating analytical processes.

TelsyOlimpoOne of the specific operational contexts of TelsyOlimpo is VIP Digital Protection, a module capable of collecting and analyzing data contextualizing the various risk profiles of the exposed subject.

The solution provides continuous reporting support, originating from the process of data gathering, analysis and correlation of the data exposed on the network, evaluating the data exposure of particularly sensitive subjects such as, for example, public figures and representatives of companies or the Public Administration.

The analysis is conducted by dedicated experts through the TelsyOlimpo platform, thanks to which they carry out a risk assessment both from a qualitative and quantitative point of view, bringing all possible risk scenarios to the attention of the subject.

Thanks to specific dashboards, the TelsyOlimpo VIP Digital Protection module allows analysts to generate key outputs and insights to quickly and accurately assess the subject exposure degree to cyber, physical and reputational risks.

The ultimate purpose of VIP Digital Protection is to provide the person concerned with all the tools and indications to enable him to choose whether or not to implement any countermeasures to mitigate and correct the various exposure profiles.


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