Decision Intelligence: a tool for the security of people and companies

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Having large volumes of data available is essential when it comes to security.

Even more central is the ability to know how to read, analyze and process these data, or to be able to extrapolate evidence and insights useful for the goal.

To meet this need and optimize the data analysis and interpretation processes, there are different methodologies and tools. One of these is Decision Intelligence.


What is the Decision Intelligence

Decision Intelligence (DI) is a set of enabling technologies to improve decision making designed to meet the growing need for transparency, repeatability, interpretability, impartiality, reliability, and accountability deriving from the dynamism and complexity of corporate ecosystems.

In short, it is a data-driven process that enables faster and more accurate decision making by leveraging a comprehensive information landscape, enabling data-driven decisions to be made faster and more accurately.

Decision Intelligence TelsyDI combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, contextual intelligence and automation to specifically support analysts in the data gathering and data analysis phases, in order to generate concrete and actionable outputs that can be applied the specific decisions contextualization and the customer needs analysis, in order to understand the need for decision support creating business value and speeding up time-consuming processes.

It also increases organizational skills in using huge (and various) amounts of data to obtain detailed information, contextualize business decisions and review the impact that decisions will have on the organization or specific person.

Decision Intelligence does not replace humans in the decision-making process, as the analyst is certainly an added value of the analysis.

However, it is through the help of the platform that the analyst is able to contextualize, organize and analyze heterogeneous data in order to provide his recommendations to the decision maker.

Therefore, it increases the analysts’ ability to make decisions, improving them, contextualizing them and making them more coherent.

As the use of Decision Intelligence in business processes increases, the speed in making decisions and contextualizing information increases proportionally by supporting intelligence investigations, which are achieved more easily and less costly.


The application to security

One of the least inflated uses of Decision Intelligence relates to its use in the security field.

Telsy Decision Intelligence teamIn fact, as a tool for the collection and analysis of large amounts of data obtained from heterogeneous sources, it lends itself a lot when it comes to the protection of specific people or companies, or particular aspects of these.

A classic example concerns the prevention of cyber, physical and reputational risks deriving from the online exposure of personal data, especially if they belong to particularly prominent or publicly exposed people.

Both for organizations (public and private) and for their senior figures – managers, politicians and public figures, even if not necessarily linked to the business world but particularly exposed on the web – keeping the online availability of one’s data under control is essential for prevent risks such as data loss, fraudulent actions, business interruptions by blocking computer systems, theft of confidential, personal or sensitive information and its consequent online dissemination.


TelsyOlimpo: Telsy’s Decision Intelligence

TelsyOlimpo, Telsy’s Decision Intelligence solution, is a modular platform based on innovative Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies, which allows the integration and real-time processing of internal and external data to the organization to provide decision makers with the key to making time-sensitive decisions and, at the same, time automating analytical processes.

TelsyOlimpoOne of the specific operational contexts of TelsyOlimpo is VIP Digital Protection, a module specifically designed to identify and analyze the data present on the network, contextualizing them in the various risk profiles.

Through a continuous data gathering process, TelsyOlimpo provides specialized analysts with all the useful elements to trace a complete analysis on the target exposure, also allowing to correlate the data exposure to the more properly reputational aspects inferable from web & social listening activities.

The platform, therefore, allows to provide continuous reporting support, based on both a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the information and to identify all possible risk scenarios with speed and precision.

Thanks to specific dashboards, the TelsyOlimpo VIP Digital Protection module finally allows analysts to provide the person concerned with all the tools and indications to undertake any countermeasures aimed at mitigating and correcting the various exposure profiles.


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