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Business data loss: a nightmare for companies

Business data loss: a nightmare for companies

Business data loss can be detrimental for businesses. Organizations – from small to medium-large – depend on technology when it comes to managing business operations and data storage. Unfortunately, technology is a double-edged sword. If digitization helps business management, a hacker attack can cause a loss of crucial data and information. Heavy financial losses and delays in operations are around the corner. We have covered these issues in our blog about the Campari case. A few numbers How real are these risks? It is estimated that 75% of SMBs have no data recovery plans in the event of a hostile event against their IT infrastructure such as ransomware, for example. […]

Unicredit employees database for sale on cyber-crime forums

On the late afternoon of 19/04/2020, a threat actor posted a new sale on a hacking and cyber-crime forum selling the database of UniCredit employees. UniCredit S.p.A. is an Italian banking and a global financial services company. It is present on 17 countries and has almost 100k employees worldwide. While currently we are not aware how this potential data loss could have occurred, according to the actor post, in the leak there are information about thousand of employees, including emails, phone, encrypted password, last name and first name. We found the database being available on at least two cyber-crime and hacking related forum. The nickname of the user selling it […]

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