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APT34 (aka OilRig, aka Helix Kitten) attacks Lebanon government entities with MailDropper implants

APT34 (aka OilRig, aka Helix Kitten) attacks Lebanon government entities with MailDropper implants

Very recently another custom malicious implant that seems to be related to APT34 (aka OilRig) has been uploaded to a major malware analysis platform. Since 2014, year in which FireEye spotted out this hacking group, APT34 is well-known to conduct cyber operations primarily in the Middle East, mainly targeting financial, government, energy, chemical and telecommunications sector. In this case, the threat group probably compromised a Microsoft Exchange account of a sensitive entity related to Lebanese government, and used the mail server as command-and-control of the implant. All the traffic between the compromised machine and the C2 is conveyed through legit email messages, making the implant identification harder. The victim seems […]

APT34: New leaked tool named Jason is available for the mass

In the afternoon of 03/06, Lab Dookhtegan released a new tool they report belonging to the hacking arsenal of the group APT34. This hacking tool seems to be useful in order to hack email accounts and consequently exfiltrate data. The archive we got is composed by the following file Archive file for Json data tool First analysis identified two executable files and some others in txt format likely used in supporting tasks. The file Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll is an official component of Microsoft Exchange communication suite. We performed a quick AI powered malware scan getting no results over the first component extracted: Telsy internal file classification service results for Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll The file […]

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