When you need to seamlessly interconnect your IP networks, several solutions come to mind; if you have your address plan just right, maybe an IP bridge is the way to go. But your networks are not always in the same building, direct circuits are expensive and unpractical (and less direct than you probably think) and the road to connect them goes through the shared infrastructure of your carrier or provider.
Also, imagine that you are planning the Business Continuity of your company: all your sites, connected to your main Data Center need to switch their connection to the Alternate Data Center, should the main become unavailable, and you are not going to trust routes reconfiguration to make your data go smoothly to their new destination.
In both cases – and in several other scenarios – a Vega encryption machine may help.
Telsy’s Vega encryption machine:

  • Has the capability to encrypt and decrypt up to 10 Gigabits of data per second. At the heart of this device lies several powerful FPGA integrated circuits, where the encryption and decryption algorithms – already secured even against the emerging threats of quantum computing – are implemented directly in hardware for unmatched security, reliability and speed.
  • Generates new encryption keys that are created and used for every packet sent, while the ethernet frames sent by the computers on one of the protected networks are encrypted, encapsulated in new packets and sent towards a multicast address on the carrier shared infrastructure. At the other end of the communication, another Vega machine recognizes this address as its own, decrypts the packet and injects the ethernet frame into the network it protects.
  • Makes the disaster recovery plan for your data center become invisible – but effective – for all your distributed network. Indeed more than one Vega can claim a multicast address as its own: if your main Data Center disappears from the network, an alternate one can take its place, without the peripheral sites noticing any difference.
  • Is easy to install and designed from the ground up with no moving part for utmost reliability, as Vega crypto devices are based on hardware and software entirely developed by Telsy, who thus ensures their maintenance and evolution. To define and distribute the keys and the security policies to the Vega devices, each network will have at its core a Key Distribution Center.

You will benefit from:

  • Absolute confidentiality;
  • Instant reconfiguration of your network;
  • Extreme reliability;
  • Protection against traffic analysis.

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