The growing reliance on the internet as an asset conducive to effective business operations is exposing companies to threats that are constantly evolving. Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and increasingly designed to cause enduring damage, especially with the new challenges posed by APTs (Adavanced Persistent Threats). Often APTs target specific companies, mainly for infrastructure sabotage and corporate espionage purposes, by infiltrating their network and remaining undetected in the attempt to gain prolonged access to core information.

As traditional security provisions are ineffective, companies need to implement better solutions to understand how new threats operate and define, their motivations and goals. Gathering the most updated and comprehensive information available on APTs therefore becomes key to raise business responsiveness and undertake proper defensive actions.

Orion is Telsy’s threat intelligence platform that helps preserve companies’ networks from those risks. Drawing from multiple sources, Orion collects, aggregates and correlates information thanks to:

  • A wide database of 20.000 IoCs (Indicators of Compromise);
  • The analysis, on a daily basis, of 100k new registered domains through fingerprinting algorithms and their rating according to their level of threats;
  • The automated identification of more than 5.000 malwares and their attribution;
  • The access to exclusive information collected from the dark Web.

By processing such information into applicable intelligence, Orion helps you build a broad context around persistent threats, and empowers your SOC or CERT analysts to take the right decision in a fast and effective way. Orion also provides additional services in order to better support your company in preventing, managing and mitigating threats.

SANDBOX. Leveraging on Cuckoo, the leading open source automated malware analysis system, Orion’s Sandbox analyses any malware detected on your company network assessing its behavior and the damage caused.

GENESIS ANALYSIS. Orion offers updated IoCs and valuable intelligence about APTs and Cyber Crime, including comprehensive information about specific actors, their capabilities and their methodology.

PHOENIX. Orion’s Threat Landscape Analysis system, helps detect threats targeting your company. By collaborating with some of the major hosting providers, Phoenix monitors the network and informs you whenever any suspicious activity aimed at your business is spotted, also suggesting the most effective mitigation solutions.

You will benefit from:

  • Valuable information to take better preventive and mitigation action;
  • Broader context to build strategic advantage over cyber threat actors;
  • Higher level of situational awareness.

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