In a world where communication and interconnectivity are at the heart of business ventures, communication security is rapidly becoming a key aspect of the working environment. Executives often have to work from abroad and in order to keep the flow of information constantly updated, the majority of communication happens through smartphones. Automatic behaviors such as unlocking the phone, calling, typing and sending messages, insofar as they are now habitual, often underestimate the hidden danger within such communication when the content of the communication is sensitive in nature. Therefore, protecting data from illicit access has become a primary concern at all management levels.

Telsy provides the solution for safe communication within organizations while offering a comprehensible, and user-friendly experience. Based on Telsy’s secure systems and cryptographic expertise, the Gematron App is a messaging and VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) secure environment, available for Android and iOS through their respective app stores, designed specifically to protect the communication and data of top-managers and key employees working within the organization.

Gematron is more than just another messaging app; compared to mainstream solutions, Gematron offers an enhanced level of security that protects the entire life of your data. Whether communicating from within the company premises or from oversees, Gematron allows you to call, text, send emails, and share files in a secure way. Gematron takes security within your organization to the next level.

As the secure solution for your communications, Gematron:

  • Focuses on protecting the communication environment of your organization by making sure that unauthorized users are prevented from joining your private community: a three-factor authentication is used to verify the identity of each member;
  • Guarantees the security and integrity of your line of communication: the proprietary VPN ensures end-to-site confidentiality and integrity of the transmitted data. In addition, Gematron can be configured with end-to-end encryption, hence providing an added layer of security;
  • Ensures the complete protection of data and the underlying structure of the communication process. As an on-premises solution, Gematron makes sure that your data never leaves the confines of your organization and allows you to maintain full control over;
  • Can be integrated with the current PABX of your organization, extending the same level of security to already in-place solutions;
  • Has a security level that can be integrated with hardened solutions (s7/s10), making your communication pathways even more secure.

You will benefit from:

  • Trustworthy solution for the security and integrity of the entire lifecycle of your communication and data;
  • Complete ownership and control of your data;
  • User-experience comparable to that of mainstream messaging apps;
  • Possibility to implement different solutions based on the level of security and confidentiality required by the organization or company.

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