Cyber Services

The overall exposure to cyber threats aiming to steal critical information have grown exponentially, due to the increasing number of services provided online. Companies are among the most exposed, as they rely on the internet not only to deliver products and services but also to keep their operations running.

Because of the complexity of the cyber threats landscape, the implementation of effective security solutions is the only way to ensure risk mitigation and prevent damage. Testing a company’s infrastructures to identify what vulnerabilities are in place that could potentially be exploited to breach into your network is paramount to understand if the security measures adopted are effective.

Through its services, Telsy assesses your company’s cyber security posture, verifying to what extent the assets and the network are exposed to threats, and provides comprehensive reports about the methodology and the results of the testing activity.

Telsy’s cyber security services:

  • Evaluate a company’s perimeter exposure to threats, by conducting network, sub-networks and services enumerations, DNS lookup and reverse look up and investigating the presence of subdomains;
  • Evaluate the technologies’ exposure to risk;
  • Identify existing vulnerabilities and exploit them to assess the resilience of the company’s network. Vulnerabilities are identified by open and commercial automated testing tools, and by manual testing tools;
  • Identify the targets of a malware along the company’s network and infrastructures by using network lateral movements.

You will benefit from:

  • Better awareness about your exposure to risk;
  • Full understanding of your vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them.

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