Since 1971 Telsy is a solid security partner for ICT solutions and services. We support strengthening national security and resilience by sharing our experience and providing effective systems for government customers and commercial organizations that require the protection of critical business systems.

Telsy addresses constantly evolving threats by offering Cyber Security services to prevent data security breaches and information leaks. The wide range of TELSY products guarantees high level secure operations on a wide range of communication technologies worldwide.

Our history



  • PNRM (National Plan of Military Research)
  • Academic Collaborations
  • PCM DIS Research Programs
  • Development of algorithms and cryptographic schemes


  • 100% of the engineering staff with university training
  • 30% of Ph.D. staff or post-graduate specialization
  • Master’s and doctoral theses in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin and the University of Trento


  • In-house developments
  • Fully controlled supply chain
  • Minimal Information Disclosure


  • Quick reaction to unexpected changes
  • Flexibility
  • Continuous training (certifications, …)