Telsy Threat Landscape Analysis aims to verify the exposure of its customer in the face of cyber threats such as:

  • Virus
  • Bot
  • Cryptominer
  • APT

  • When the Telsy SOC detects the interaction of one or more IP addresses with malicious services, the client is promptly notified with a detailed report describing the conditions in which it occurred.
  • The monitoring activity by Telsy is completely independent from the client’s infrastructure, for which no changes whatsoever are required. A list of the sole public IP addresses to be monitored suffices.

Study and continuous search for malware samples, enables Telsy to extract compromise indicators such as domain names and IP addresses, and evaluate their interaction with public infrastructures on the Customer side.

Following the detection of indicators of impairment, Telsy is able to obtain detailed telemetric readings regarding the state of diffusion of the most common IT threats at the a global level.