In the last decade chat systems such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger have become increasingly widespread and have revolutionized the way we communicate.
But how safe are they really?

Gematron is designed precisely for this reason: we have created a completely dedicated and self-consistent messaging and VOIP platform.
Available for Android and iOS, it allows a user experience quite similar to most popular applications, secured by Telsy’s system.

Below is the complete list of services made available by the system:

    • Voice call (VoIP) – with an end-to-end encryption option
    • Instant Messaging – with an end-to-end encryption option
    • Secure Email (optional) – with end-to-end GDPR rule compliant encryption
    • File Sharing (optional) – protected by VPN with the possibility of offline encryption
    • Videoconferencing (optional) – protected by the VPN
    • Secure Browsing (optional)


  • Integrated communication system
  • Multimedia environment integrated in the TSCS core
  • Distribution through the proprietary APP Store
  • Dedicated recording system
  • Centralized management of encryption keys (KDC, Key Distribution Center)
  • Centralized management of address books and chat groups
  • Communications protections
  • End-to-site protection using proprietary VPN technology
  • End-to-end encryption option

Available for iOS and Android

  • Android platform ver. 6.0 or higher
  • IOS platform ver. 11.0 or higher

Controlled access

  • PIN
  • Biometric security

Safe environment

  • Secure storage on the device
  • Use of the safety devices for both platforms

Strong user authentication

  • Cryptographic activation of services via QR code and OTP code via SMS
  • Possibility of immediate inhibition in case of loss
  • Distribution through proprietary APPSTORE
  • End to End encryption
  • Centralized management of directories and chat groups
  • The system also guarantees the protection of communications
  • End-to-site protection using proprietary VPN technology
  • Possibility of end-to-end encryption

The user experience of the application has been designed to:

  • Simplify access to the most popular (used) features
  • Minimize the complexity perceived by new users

Both versions, iOS and Android, keep common usage practices of their respective platforms and of the most common messaging systems.

QR Code Generation

  • Secret and specific for each APP user

Generation of encryption keys generation

  • To protect communications
  • To protect resident data

Centralized management of directories and contacts

  • Online distribution of the contacts list
  • chat groups (rooms) management

TSCS configuration

  • Management and configuration of VoIP and Chat extensions
  • Provisioning of network parameters for APPs


  • Integrated multimedia solution that ensures:
    • The protection of the information exchanged (audio, video, text, …)
    • The protection of the communication channels used (chat, VoIP, Videconference, …)
    • Privacy protection (compliant with GDPR law)


  • Integrated system that guarantees security both from the end-user point of view (smartphone and tablet, VOIP landline phone and laptop/PC with cryptographic token) and from the infrastructure point of view (TSCS)
  • All information managed by the application is securely stored in the device
  • Information residing in proprietary servers


  • The system can be configured according to the Customer’s needs

Strong user authentication

  • Activation by two factors for a as strong user authentication to support control over the distribution of APP use licenses. for use of the APP


  • Full control over the infrastructure