Telsy has an important history as far as design and construction of IP encryption devices are concerned.
Telsy provides the is able to guarantee the entire production chain: our crypto appliances are designed and built by us in Italy at our laboratories in Turin.
Telsy is certified by the Italian National Security Authority as a provider of equipment, systems and solutions for the protection of information at all classfication levels.

The hardware of our (the) appliances are based on FPGA technology which grants allowing the highest level of physical and logical security of the devices, while whereas the proprietary encryption protocols grant our products with the highest levels of approval required by national regulations.
Government agencies are provided with a secure access to their institutional services. Voice and multimedia data protection, both within the ICT infrastructure and in commonly used mobile devices such as smartphones and computers, is granted.

For police forces, in addition to the protection of voice and data in mobile devices (Smartphone and Vehicle-based Tablet), Telsy offers the protection of radio communications, the integration between radio and telephony and the possibility to coordinate operations from the control room on the field and in emergency situations.

Telsy systems have been used for decades in the military field for fixed, mobile and radio integrated communications as well as advanced systems for locating deployed vehicles which have been built maintaining the highest safety standards.