Our Company

Operating in synergy with the other TIM Group factories, Telsy is the Cybersecurity and Cryptography competence center that combines Intelligence services, Managed Security Services (MSS), services delivered through the company’s SOC and Cyber Professional Services by providing experts, technologies and proprietary infrastructures to tailor security for the most demanding customers.


Having acquired shares in QTI, the Italian leading company in the field of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), Telsy integrates its historical classical cryptographic solutions with QTI’s quantum-resistant devices, for security that is proof against classical and quantum attacks. The integration of its Crypto, Cyber and Quantum cores makes Telsy unique in the market.


Telsy is subject to Golden Power regulations as a company holding assets of strategic importance to defense and national security.

Our mission

To ensure today’s security, tomorrow’s threats must be anticipated. Telsy works to develop future-proof products and solutions that support the protection of sensitive data and communications, helping to strengthen national defense and the security of business customers.

Management Team

The passion and expertise of our managers are the foundation of the company’s growth and success.

Management Team