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Cybercrime: how can we all deal with it?

Cybercrime: how can we all deal with it?

One of the biggest dilemmas in cybersecurity is the following: “Can we avoid cybercrime?” After all, online identity theft and fraud, hackers, ransomware cyber-attacks, phishing, and other scams are a threat to all of us. However, there is no Manichean answer to question. As businesses, leaders, individuals, entrepreneurs, and #security experts, we cannot stop cyber threats forever, even if united. Surely, prevention and mitigation may help in tackling cybercrime. As the Telsy family would say, indeed, “security is not the absence of threats, it’s the ability to detect them and take action before it’s too late”. Worldwide, the malicious activity of cybercriminals costs organizations and individual internet users billions every […]

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