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Olicyber: the future of Italian cybersecurity is here!

Olicyber: the future of Italian cybersecurity is here!

Will the curriculum of Italian pupils soon include hacking? There is a chance. Italy is organizing its first CyberOlimpics, Olicyber, organised by CINI and TeamItaly, the Italian white hackers team. The organizing committee means to convey the value and the culture of cybersecurity among younger generations. Hopefully, this initiative will promote the selection and the  training of future and talented cybersecurity professionals. Olicyber: what is it? Disciplines of the Cyber Olympics include Web Security, Cryptography, Sofware Security, and Network Security. These special athletes are the pupils of Italian high-school. An additional merit of OliCyber is that the organizers will select the participants without discrimination, especially ensuring gender equality. Participation is […]

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