Daily Archives: 2 November 2020

Enisa report 2020: the pandemic’s effect on cybersecurity

Enisa report 2020: the pandemic’s effect on cybersecurity

Enisa (the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity) has recently published the eighth edition of its Threat Landscape Report (ETL) on cyber threats registered in the period between January 2019 and April 2020, describing the evolution of the current cybersecurity scenario in Europe and emphasizing in particular the serious effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on the sector. Overview of the Enisa 2020 report The new ETL-Enisa Threat Landscape 2020 report was produced with the support of the European Commission and EU Member States. The content of the ETL report is primarily based on literature available from open sources, such as articles, expert opinions, intelligence reports, security incident analysis and research reports, […]

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