The awareness of being a Leader comes from almost half a century of strictly scientific application during the designing phase and achievement of our solutions and from our dynamic organization, which is founded on the hard and aware work of our human resources.

Telsy’s profits, which derive from a careful management and the respect for the needs of our customers, are largely reinvested in our Research and Development department, feeding a virtuous circle that allows the realization of solutions of excellence.

The wishes of our Workforces are at the core of our human resources management policy because we believe that the well-being of our People is a great contribution to the overall Company result and to personal rewarding.

We give great importance to sustainability, to the respect for dignity of work and to the respect for the environment. This is why we have joined the Fairphone  project, that other than offering a well-fitting platform for our needs (modular, performance, technical features and an open source operating system) also gives us the opportunity to work for a better world