Telsy makes available to Telecom Providers and Internet Service Providers the system named TSCS (Telsy Secure Cloud System) as secure ICT infrastructure sales of it either embedded in tailored systems or as enabling platform for provision of services like IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and SecaaS (Security as a Service).

The TSCS system can be easily integrated with already existing LTE base stations, virtual VoIP servers and public Cloud servers in order to allow Telecom Providers to offer the same services offered on public platforms. In facts, throughout the proposed system and relevant fixed and mobile secure terminals, it will be possible to sell secure services like: multimedia communications (voice, data and video), encrypted SMS, chat, file, email, call and video conference. Moreover, protection of data at rest is provided by the secure smartphone (R2) and by the USB token TST that allows file and disk encryption on the laptops of travelling businessmen and off-line encryption of file for their storage on public cloud.

A security-oriented Mobile Device Management system allows the centralised management of keys, applications (APKs and APPs), presences, list of contacts etc..

The system architecture is implemented in a redundant manner that guarantees service continuity provisioning on a 24/7/365 basis.