Telsy has acquired so much experiences in designing and providing turn-keys Cyber Security systems according to Customer’s needs employing the products in its portfolio (developed to meet the security requirements of Governments and Armed Forces in dozens of worldwide Countries) as “building blocks” in conjunction with other vendors devices.

The key characteristic of the Cyber Security solutions proposed by Telsy is the massive use of cryptographic techniques in conjunction with a minimal use of general purposes security devices. The right balance of the two approaches together with the application of the “intrinsic security” concept permits the implementation of high security systems able to counteract the most sophisticate cyber attacks.

The flexibility of Telsy’s industrial organization permits a day-by-day cooperation approach with the Client’s human resources to develop secure software application packages adopting the “AGILE” methodology.

Another strong capability of Telsy is the experience and know-how in designing crypto algorithms. This expertise allows customers training and know-how transferring that put Customers in condition to implement their own security on Telsy’s platforms.