Telsy provides an integrated solution tailored to Police needs that implements voice and data protections in the typical mobile devices like smartphones and vehicular tablet, radio communications encryption, integration and interoperability between radio and telephony, GIS systems used in Command and Control rooms to coordinate and manage officials working on the streets either during daily activities or during emergency situations.

The overall system, that covers all the operating police’s requirements, includes central secure servers (TSCS), crypto devices for both vehicular and hand-held radios (TCH, TCX and TRM), “red gateways” for radio-VoIP telephony interoperability, desktop secure terminals for voice and data protection (T2), secure USB token (TST) and secure smartphones (R2) and tablets suited to exchange end-to-end encrypted voice calls with the fixed terminals.

In addition, the secure smartphones (R2) can exchange any kind of data like: sms, e-mails, files, IM (chat), formatted messages, video and GPS coordinates in a way to represent the operating picture on GIS systems. From the operating control room, using the GIS systems where any mobile device is tracked, the supervisor can control and coordinate operations on the field interacting via secure voice, data and video communications.