The solution offered by Telsy for Government Departments, Ministries (Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, etc.) and Agencies, provides secure access to the services offered by HQ Departments, voice and multimedia data protection (encryption) within the ICT infrastructure and voice and multimedia data protection (encryption and access control) within common usage devices like Smartphones and Laptop.

The overall operating requirements are met by a complete system that includes central secure servers (named TSCS Telsy Secure Cloud System), secure desk terminals (Cryptophone T2c) for voice, data and video, encrypted USB tokens (named TST Telsy Secure Token) and secure Smartphones (named TSM R2c). The secure smartphones and the tokens provide interoperability capabilities respectively with other fixed secure terminals for end-to-end encrypted voice calls and with central servers, throughout secure VPN connections, for mail, file, video and GPS coordinates exchanges. The keys used to protect all the above services are managed by a single Key Distribution Center named KDC-NG.