Telsy, among the others, provides several turn-key solutions for Defence, like the following:

  • Secure access to the services offered by HQ Departments, voice and multimedia data protection (encryption) within the ICT infrastructure and voice and multimedia data protection (encryption and access control) within mobile devices like Smartphones and Laptop;
  • Secure mobile and fixed terminals, which constitute the platform to run the SCIP suite protocol. These solutions have been developed by Telsy in cooperation with Leonardo (former Finmeccanica);
  • Blue Force Tracking & Situational Awareness (BFT01 e BFTVD) Systems mainly used to track and exchange messages with vehicles and people employed in battlefield and operating scenarios;
  • Integrated gateway systems (named TBG Telsy Big Gateway) that allow interoperability between encrypted radios by TCH, TCX and TRM Telsy’s devices and fixed and mobile secure VOIP telephony implemented by devices like Cryptophone T2, T3, T5 (fixed) and TSM R2 (smartphone).