Corporates and SME have the huge opportunity to adopt security solutions and technologies developed by Telsy for Governmental and Military usages.

As a key characteristic, the Telsy’s solution avoid any data or information extraction, interception and exploitation for business scopes, via cyber attacks against Corporates, SME, associates bureaus, that have the possibility to defend their Intellectual Properties, business and financial information, strictly related to their business activities.

Throughout the proposed solution it will possible to perform multimedia communications between mobile and fixed user within the national territory and worldwide. The system allows exchanging any kind of data like: sms, e-mails, files, IM (chat), including video conference. In addition, the protection of data at rest is provided by the secure smartphone (R2) and by the USB token TST that allows file and disk encryption on the laptops of travelling businessmen.

A security-oriented Mobile Device Management system allows the centralised management of keys, applications (APKs and APPs), presences, list of contacts etc..

The system architecture is implemented in a redundant manner that guarantees service continuity provisioning on a 24/7/365 basis.

In addition, the system is based on a scalable architecture that permits to replicate the same secure ICT infrastructure in medium and small branch offices allowing Corporates distributed within the national territory and abroad to implement a hierarchical ICT secure architecture (a private secure cloud) that could be tailored on the existing ICT networks saving investments and assuring the maximum level of security.

This downgrade scalability consents to implement small systems specifically tailored on Small and Medium Enterprises frameworks where the number of users is reduced, but the needs to exchange secure multimedia data are the same of big Corporates.