Products conceived and provided to fulfill all modern security needs for multimedia data (voice, data and video).

End User-friendly designed, they ensure maximum security within the mobile device (smartphone or laptop), during transmission on public lines and networks, during server processing and storage on internal and external clouds.

They can be employed on existing ICT infrastructures or used as “building blocks” to implement more complex integrated solutions.

Radio and SAT

Devices for protection of military and civil Radio and Sat communications.

A combination of extremely advanced techniques of vocal signal processing, highly specialized modems for transmission on narrow bands (on HF, VHF, UHF and SAT vectors) together with the most advanced cryptographic techniques have enabled the release of vanguard solutions for analog and digital radios.

IP Networking

Devices designed for IP network protection.

The KD03 line of products is a family of encryption devices that assures high security and throughput for the protection of IP traffic between LAN and WAN networks regardless of its content (data, audio, video). They ensure secure WAN-WAN, WAN-LAN and LAN-LAN connections between headquarters, branch offices and data center.

Strong encryption mechanisms protect the IP data flow.